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About Us

Parents and community advocates founded Elmview in 1965 to ensure that people with disabilities could remain in their communities.  Through the years, the organization has grown, but our core purpose remains the same.  Elmview assists people to live full and productive lives in their communities.

Board of Directors

June Bredin

As a physician, Dr. Bredin in has never stopped learning or supporting patients to be seen holistically. She spent 17 years of her career working with people with intellectual disabilities at the Rainier School and Frances Haddon Morgan Center. For 5 years, she served as Medical Director at the Frances Haddon Morgan Center.

Sherie Bury

Executive Director
Through the years, Sherie has worked in a number of positions for the organization. She became the Executive Director in 2021. Under her leadership, Employment Services has expanded services throughout Central Washington while ensuring that the focus of each service remains individually based and consistent with the agency’’s mission.

Denny Clark

Board Member
Denny has lived in Ellensburg for more than 30 years. As manager of Rite-Aid, Denny was one of the first employers in the community to embrace employing individuals with disabilities. He has worked with and employed people for nearly his entire tenure at Rite-Aid.

Ryan Scheffelmaier

Ryan grew up in Ellensburg. He graduated from WSU with a doctorate in pharmacology in 2014. He is co-owner of Whole Health Pharmacy. The experience in customer service and knowledge of the Health Care field helps Elmview accomplish its goals and supports its core values. His knowledge and experience of the community and his profession support the work that Elmview accomplishes.

Dean Tonseth

Board Member
I have spent my entire career working for the betterment of individuals with Developmental Disabilities. As an Elmview board member, I can hopefully continue to support individuals supported by Elmview.

Stephanie Vernor

Board Member
I want to help speak for my fellow champions about the health and safety of our community and have fun doing it!